The Beer & Wine Mill

435 Doylestown Road
Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Current home of Keystone Homebrew Supply

Future home of Stonekey Winery

We are planning to begin major renovations and construction in the Spring of 2013.

We are inviting all Keystone Homebrew Supply customers and other interested parties to help us reach our goal of creating the ultimate in fermentation and fermentation related product synergistic shopping experience.

We would like to identify a General Contractor or a Project Manager to facilitate our project. This GC or PM must be willing to consider utilizing Keystone Homebrew customers who are licensed, skilled and experienced tradespeople as subcontractors. Keystone Homebrew Supply and its architects will pre-screen interested tradespeople and provide a list to the GC or PM to possibly choose from. If you are interested you can download pdfs of all of the bidding plans. Here is the first addendum & second addendum to the plans.

Tradespeople and subcontractors
We will be looking for the following trades to be pre-screened for our project:

Site work Door and hardware suppliers
Demolition companies Aluminum storefront / windows
Concrete Overhead door suppliers
Steel fabricators Drywall / acoustical ceilings
Masonry Finish flooring
Steel stud carpentry Painters
Finish woodwork carpentry Fire suppression
Millwork suppliers Plumbing
Roofers HVAC
Exterior stucco plastering Electrical

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Special Notes or Comments

We appreciate our customers and are happy to give everyone the opportunity to participate in our project. We have thousands of customers including many with similar experience and skills, unfortunately we will only be able to select a few of you that will be bidding for the project. For those of you who are not chosen we apologize in advance. We look forward to working with you as you have worked with us through the years.

Jason Harris
The Beer & Wine Mill